The Best Indian Web Series of 2019

The Best Indian Web Series of 2019

So you are on the 24x7 available entertainment platform where you can get the best suggestions from the best of the entertainment categories.  If you're looking to watch a few sets of pretty interesting web series based on Hindi or Indian languages, then you're in the right place. The Best Indian Web Series are available at all popular platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, TVF, EROS, Amazon prime, etc. Well! These are the premium, where you will have to pay for your entertainment.

It is time to say thanks to all Jio, youtube, and cheap internet who also provide a great piece of entertainment for free. Other newcomers in the market like Zee5 & Mx players are also creating their influence in the digital content market.

Whether you belong to a middle-class family searching for some reality or drama shows, school going kid looking something naughty, or a senior citizen just wishing to play some soothing music in the background, Indian web series take care of everyone.

Best Indian Web Series

Below listed are the detail of the Hind and Indian web series along with reviews, their availability on different platforms and other basic details for the same.

1- Made in Heaven ( Year 2019,  IMDB Rating: 8.3)

Fantastic web series Made in Heaven by Zoya Akhtar gain huge applauds, and it is probably one of their flagship Indian shows. The designing principle of the show is based on an Indian wedding planning organization where every episode relates to marrying off different couples from Indian society.

There are different episodes where they coordinate with

  • upper-class Delhi princess
  • Mumbai pilot
  • Tamil Brahmin
  • Crazy Jaipur wedding
  • Dowry & outdated issues

The major themes of show relate to marriage, caste divisions, love, hypocrisy, and modernization in India where drama and suspense are at heights. You will appreciate this web series if you are fond of good writing and Zoya Akhtar's work, spicy material, and less known actors.

2-TVF Pitchers ( Year 2015, IMDB Rating: 9.2)

Categorized as the best Indian web series from the previous four years, the show is more often called extremely dramatic Indian Silicon valley taking up dreams of Indian youths. The show was about to launch the TVF play app having some own bugs. The themes of the show are based on money-oriented dreams of Indian students, engineering, IIT, technology, corporate and middle-class jobs, investments, venture capital, and so on.

This web series will be in your good lists if you have been an appreciator of Hollywood movies such as The social network, and you truly enjoy technology and related stories.

At the same time, it is going to be hating stuff for you, if you don't like subtitles or you do not speak Hindi.

3-Kota Factory ( Year 2019, IMDB Review: 9.2)

Kota Factory is the first black and white series of modern Indian digital content. It is a fantastic show that is continuously getting a dominating position as one of the best TVF shows with hundreds of millions of views on TVF Play and Youtube.

This show reflects a real-life struggle of students preparing for IIT exams across the country. Kota is famous where kids are sent for the preparation of various entrance exams, especially engineering and medical. Along with exam pressure,  kinds have other personal struggles like family, art creativity, dreams, etc.

This remarkable website having only five episodes will be loved by you if you are ready to accept artistic black & white production in the 21st century, and you better enjoy getting into real-life struggles of IIT students of modern India.

On the contrary, if you're fond of relaxed and easy to watch family drama and emotional stories, you will hate it.

4- Sacred Games Season One and Two ( Years: 2018 & 2019, IMDB rating: 8.8)

The show's sacred games are based on drama is a crime based on a non-linear story is just a kind of storytelling. The inclusion of an ensemble cast and clever crime based themes of Indian society, the show covers social and political issues like drama, corruption, police, etc.

If you are fond of thriller and crime based movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Narcos, then you will obviously love it. Other than this, if you plan to see it with family, then it is 100 percent, not a suitable show.

5- Mirzapur ( Year 2018, IMDB: 8.5)

Mirzapur is the second thrilling and crime based show after sacred games. If you're done with both seasons of Sacred Games, then you can move to Amazon Prime's best Indian web series, Mirzapur. It is a story of mafia boss having footholds in India's textile industry. Excellent writing, representation of characters, and unpredictable turns in the story, and dialogues are some attractions that you will not be going to find in any Bollywood movie.

Other Indian web series that are suitable to be listed amongst Top Indian web series are- The Family Man, TVF Tripling,  Permanent Roommates, Little Things, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.


By the way, the content mentions only ten web series in the content, however, the list of Indian Web Series is too large. And in today's internet savvy world, Indian web series are on a way to put original content to new heights.

Diversifying interests of audiences are now giving a new rise to such dominating online platforms where people can see their creative renaissance in Hindi and all other Indian languages.

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