Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is the first love of people across the world. People love to watch Hollywood movies. Hollywood celebrities are always in limelight. Their acting skill always attracts people from all corners of the world. Their style, fashion, and acting are superb and admirable. Many film industries from other parts of the country copies the style statement of Hollywood celebrities and movies to make their movie a hit.

Top Hollywood Celebrities

Jonny Depp – He is the most versatile actor in Hollywood. He has been nominated thrice for Oscar award and won seventy-five national level awards including Bafta award. He is known for good movies like Pirates of the Caribbean series, Sweeney Todd, City of Lies, Tusk, waiting for the Barbarians and many more. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Famous for “terminator” movie. He is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. He has tried his luck in politics aslo and elected as the “Governor Of California”. His remarkable movies are Predator, The Legend of Conan, Journey to China - the mystery of Iron mask, Killing Gunther, The Expendables 3, The kid & I and many more. His movies people love to watch. Terminator series movies have been brought a revolutionary change in th film making.

Jim Carrey -  His comedy acting is famous across the world. He is two time Golden Globe winner. He is a famous actor with 47 awards wins. His movies are Bruce almighty, The Truman Show, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The mask, Dark Crimes and many more.

Emma Watson - “Hermoine” is another name of this actress. The Harry Potter series has made this young lady famous. Her acting skill has been always praised and admired by the audience. Apart from Harry Potter, she has done acting in various awesome movies such as Little women, The circle, Beauty and the Beast, Regression, The colony, The vicar of Dibley and many more. 

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry of the Harry Potter series . This young talent has boom in the Hollywood industry as his acting skill is superb and natural.  This actor is loved by the audience. Apart from the Harry Potter series, this young actor has done various movies such as Jungle, Escape from The Pretoria, Guns Akimbo, Beast of Burden, Imperium and many more.

Leonardo DiCaprio -  He is one of the finest actors of Hollywood. In the beginning of the career, he has struggled but he got back with a bang. He has won the Oscar ward and 98 other awards. His famous movies are The Audition, Jim Beam: Black, Titanic, The black Hand, Inception, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road and many more are yet to come. 

Tom Cruise - Heartthrob of Hollywood. He is one of the handsome Hollywood celebrity with a charismatic smile. His movies are top-grossing movies always. He has been nominated thrice for oscar award and won 53 other awards. His top movies are TOP Gun, The last samurai, Jerry Maguire, Mission Impossible series, The Mummy, Jack Reacher, Knight and Day, Valkyrie, Lions, and lambs. There are many movies of this celeb are under production. 

Bradd Pitt -  He is a versatile actor and producer of Hollywood. Always admired by the people. His acting skill is praised across the world. He has won One oscar award and won 86 other awards. He has acted in very famous movies such as Mr & Mrs Smith, Twelve Monkeys, Moneyball, The curious case of Benjamin Button, and many more blockbuster movies yet to come.

Apart from the above-mentioned celebrities, Hollywood is full of talents such as Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, Harrison Ford and many more.

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