Hollywood ( Best Movies 2019)

Hollywood ( Best Movies 2019)

Hollywood is known for its experimenting with the movies and try to connect with their audience. They think out of the box and make sure they express and deliver exactly the directors and the writers were sure of. The best part is that they try to attempt a different concept in reality which they are not even sure of whether they will earn or will be in loss. There are various top movies which are being ranked and got a revenue of millions and millions in the entire world. The movie nowadays is easily available in the languages that you are comfortable in. To watch Hollywood best movies 2019 can be viewed online or you can easily visit the nearby theatre to watch your favorite movie.

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Top Hollywood Movies Of 2019


The movie booksmart is a movie that is full of comedy which today’s generation is loving the most. The whole concept revolves around the graduation night and the teen girls lose the night and how it moves further. You will be happy enjoying the money is there are so many comedy scenes in the entire movie.  The directing is being noticed for a different concept movie as well as the writer is appreciated for his creative thought. 


It’s a complete horror tale with complex social messaging as it puts a family through complete hell which introduces them to their killer doppelgangers. The movie has good videography with dark humor which fulfills its background making the scenes scarier. Lupita Nyong’o is in a double role making the audience surprised by the performance and is thus popular for the role which created an image. The horror story nowadays is very mysterious and people love to watch horror movies even if they are scared of it. The content is good which is making it thriller and horror too.

Avengers- End Game

This movie has created a world record where all superheroes performed in one single movie. The concept was amazing and most of the people in the movie are a superhero in other movies too. The revenue collected after releasing this movie can not be imagined. The space movies are generally very adventurous and cost a lot to meet the space environment. The whole story revolved around gems power and Thor who want to become the most powerful person in the entire universe.

Fast Color

The movie is all about a former drug addict who is a superhero and trying to read his remarkable abilities and his extraordinary things. The real thrill starts when the man visits his village and meets his mother and daughter. The real twist starts when  female does the magic and mends what is been broken between their relation. The most hilarious part of the movie is that one can’t make out what is going to happen next.

High Life

The story is about the broody kind who is stuck in the space and here he raises a baby. It is shown that the last surviving member of a cosmic mission to control the energy of a black hole. This is a very interesting fact concept and the audience has given a good response. The director’s creative mind is being appreciated by all and he is getting more and he will be seen in upcoming projects. The concept is entirely new and thus this makes you more imagine and give knowledge on the black hole theory. How we can work on global warming and how is it

See You Yesterday

See you yesterday is a time travel movie where an American and an African together invent the time-travel machine. In this one of the kids desperately try to enter the machine to save a loved one who was shot dead wrongly by a policemen. The concept is very interesting and definitely one must watch the film in the nearby theatre. You can even watch the movie on Netflix by sitting at home. Online watching is very fun nowadays. Technology related movies are very interesting and things makes you think out of the world. There are some scenes which are truly amazing and makes you excited to go on a time-travel machine.

Apollo 11

The interesting fact of the movie is that it is based on a high profile documentary of Neil Armstrong. You might have studied in various books about him as he was the first person to land on the moon. If you love science fiction movies or movies that are on true events then this is completely for your entertainment. The director has used his imagination pretty well and as of now the movie has achieved many awards for its true story revealing very bravely on the silvers screen. Hard work always pays and thus the movie has given a message on it. Students must watch the movie and grab good things about it to work towards technology.

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