Bollywood ( Best Movies 2019)

Bollywood ( Best Movies 2019)

Bollywood movies are very popular these days and are being watched in the entire cinemas in the world. Most of Bollywood Movies have been nominated for the Oscars. Today many Bollywood stars are working in various Hollywood industries. Bollywood movies are released in various languages to engage with the foreign people. Bollywood earns maximum revenue than other cinemas. Their work is growing day by day as they are utilizing innovative technology in their movies. They have good content movies plus they know the taste of the people whether the audience will love it or not.

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Top Bollywood movies of 2019 which are worth watching

Let’s check out top movies that are available on every theatre which one can easily watch by booking online on various popular sites. If you have any issue with booking you can engage in the representatives of the popular site which you are accessing.

Accidental Prime Minister

This is supposed to be one of the best movies that one must watch. In this film politicians way of working and ruling the political party is shown. How situations were created and what exactly happened during the time since they were elected. how they ruled the country and what all they did during that time. Even the mimicry part of every politician is played superb. This is a must-watch movie so you can book tickets and make a visit to the nearby cinema theaters.

URI: The Surgical Strike

The content of the movie is completely original and based on the true event that took place in 2016. Our army men are very strong and with proud we can say that our Indian army is one of the best strong army in the world. They have proved this from time to time. They know pretty well how to conquer every war. In this movie, you’ll see in-depth what exactly happened and how our Indian army went across the border and dropped missiles on all the placed where weapons were stored by Pakistan to attack Indian people. The best part of the movie is that there was no casualty and everything went as they had planned. You will love the movie every bit and will be curious to know more about it.

Manikarnika- The Queen Of Jhansi

This is another true story which is known by all Indians but never performed before on the silver screen. You’ll be surprised by some of the elements that light to the movie. The costumes, dialogs and actors’ performance is excellent and doing justice to the story. The movie will take you back to the past when a lot of struggle was done by the Indian men and women to achieve freedom from the Britishers. The movie is amazing so you can watch the movie online on various channels or visit the nearest theater.


This movie is about a political leader who always had leadership qualities. The film demonstrates what exactly happened during his leadership and how he handled his leadership in the entire phase of his life. In the south, people worship him and his sons are even given the same respect as he was given during his administration. If you have an interest in political movies then watch the movie online or visit the nearby theater to watch the movies.


Another thriller movie which you must watch. Once you watch the movie by will love the way the story is plotted. It’s a complete suspense movie which you must watch. Once you start watching the movie then you will have more interest in the movie and will not have patience until you watch it till the end. The dialog, picture clarification and plotting everything has managed to keep the movie live. To watch this thriller suspense movie visit the nearby theater.

Article 15

One of the crime thriller movie which is worth watching. The story is concerning social issues which are given light through the movie. The present generation people must watch the movie and should understand and try to make the country peaceful and safe from all crimes. Article 15 movie has chosen sensitive issues which are to be handled wisely and with governments corporation.

Mardani 2

Movies are coming and going but this movie has created anger against men who are into deeds and are doing illegal work which is never accepted by the citizen of India and the entire globe. Mardani is a movie of women who are treated badly in the society or something wrong has happened to them in the movie. You must visit the movie theater and must watch and get your children to watch the movie so that they learn from it that doing wrong things can never be accepted.

Dream Girl

The film shows the financial condition and how the actor manages to overcome all the financial status of his father. He is struggling for the job and doesn’t know how to manage his home. So he chooses to work is a call center which was illegally opened.  For this job, he was paid a good amount and after that when we refuse to do that work he was blackmailed. This way the story goes further. You can plan to watch the movie in the nearby theater or can even watch online.

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