A few Highlights of The Best Books of The Year 2019

The year 2019 is about to complete, and if reading is your passion and you keep looking ahead new book launches in the market, then this blog is going to be very helpful for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss about Best Books of 2019. So keep reading ahead.

Top Four Books of The year 2019

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

It is a Novel written by Marlon James,  which is the first book of the planned trilogy. The writeup of the book reflects the inspiration of African mythology blended with the political tensions between two warring states ( North-kingdom and south kingdom). In search of the missing boy by the motley group turns out to be fantastic and adventurous. The group members explore dark jungles with hyper-violent lush, and dark forests with tight confront with different creatures like fearful trolls, giant like bats, and a fiend sucking blood. Hollywood special effects in the Novel are a centerpiece of attraction, making the novel more interesting for youths. You can buy it now from Amazon online.


The book written by Bill McKibben showcases the first alert to the public related to climate change. The latest book is a glimpse of what we humans have done to the planet, and what more hazardous effects are going to be with our mother nature in the upcoming future.  This book has gathered a huge applauds in the global arena with a clear message of climate change.

Girl, Woman, Other

The winner of the 2019 Booker Prize is composed of novella-length chapters who draw is deep into the life of a few British women with different experiences and backgrounds. The progression of the novel gives us a close view of their connections and achievements that are quite surprising for us to listen to as a common man.

Know My Name

The victim of Brock Turner’s sexual assault Miller ( previously known as Emily Doe) claims her story again by depicting a clear view that how rape victims find it very difficult to get justice. The books is documentation of a less effective system that is not able to justify its utility when it comes to giving justice to rape victims.

I hope, you liked the reviews. Keep in touch with us to have interesting updates on famous books from famous writers.

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