3 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies 2020: You Should Never Miss Out

3 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies 2020

If you are the movie lover and love watching Hollywood films, then, this blog is for you. Here, I will suggest you some best films upcoming Hollywood movies 2020. All these are a complete entertainment package. Action, Horror, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, or whatever genre you may like, you will get all this year.

So, let’s have a look at some best 2020 Hollywood Movies list.

A Quiet Place 2

If you like watching horror films, then, you must watch this one of the best Hollywood horror movies. After watching this, you will know what real fear is. As per various sources, this film is going to be even more horror than it’s previous parts.

This film is about a scared family.  In this new series, the family was in the fear of some mysterious creatures. Therefore, they were living a silent life. In the previous part of this movie, you may see the fear of this family, knowing that if any of them makes even a slight sound, it may take them all to death. The family tries to make sure that those evil creatures should not know about any of them. But, in this part of the film, you will see how some unwanted conditions force the family to face the outside world and those evil creatures. It will be interesting to see how they save themselves, and what they face during that scary period.  The release date of this film is the 18th of March 2020 in India.

Black Widow

 For Superhero movie lovers, it is a must-watch movie like all other Marvel’s best Superhero movies. Releasing on 24 April 2020 in India, this film is based on a Marvel comic character “Black Widow”.  How she was trained as a spy and has a great martial arts ability along with super speed, high stamina, good knowledge of weapons, and some other abnormal abilities. In this movie, you will see her evolution that how she was before becoming a superhero, how she got all those abilities, and what struggles of life she faced take made her a superhero. This film is basically about the starting days of her life. The film is full of action scenes, horrible dialogs, and a bit of suspense.

The Lovebirds

 For those who love watching romantic movies, it will surely make them excited. This movie is releasing on 15 May 2020. here, you will see how a couple who were about the break their relationship, comes closer. What made them figure out how they and their relationship can survive the night. In this movie, You will see, how they got trapped in a murder mystery, and, how they help each other to get their names out of that murder case.

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